Rajul Vora

Programming, scripting, automation and software development processes has been his passion for over 20 years. Sometimes referred to by colleagues as having encyclopedic knowledge of "the skill of the day" and sometimes referred to by mentors as "forgetting more in a year than most people learn in a lifetime"!

Joining Google in 2004 was the highlight of his career. At the time, deployment steps were documented on a Wiki and automation was considered "not possible or too risky". With the help of some kindred spirits, an automated "Source Code to thousands of servers" process was automated for the Google Ads systems which made practically all the money for Google. Eventually, the automation framework known internally as "beads" was generalized and roughly 60% of Google products used it for automated deployments to production. No release engineer required, unless mandated by compliance or management considerations.

Later, he managed Technical Operations group at Zuora. He learned how hard it is to run a 24x7 mission critical software-as-a-service operation with highest level of security compliance. He also learned how important it is to mentor others in your field.